Musikhjälpen – Swedish Radio’s Music Aid


Right now, Swedish Radio are together with Swedish Television doing a project called Musikhjälpen (in English: Music Aid), where they are collecting money to help children living in the slums get clean water.

musikhjälpen barn

Three of Swedish Radio’s P3’s most famous hosts/DJs are locked in a specially built studio for an entire week and are broadcasting around the clock. People donate money and make a music request at the same time (not all the requests get played though, it would take far more than a week to play all the requested music) and last year they collected more than $2600000 in support of girls’ education.


Now here’s the idea: Adam would totally support this kind of project, right? It’s right up his alley and in line with his Charity: Water campaign, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get Adam’s new music played on Swedish radio! =)

There are no guarantees Adam’s music will be played – even if we do donate money, BUT the chances increase if there are a lot of requests and a high demand for the same artist. Plus – even if we don’t succeed the money is still well spent.

For this to work from outside Sweden you’ll have to pay with VISA or MasterCard.
You can donate 50SEK (about $7,50), 100SEK ($15) or 200SEK ($30).
Simply click on the amount of your choice and then you can get the payment information in English.

musikhjälpen belopp

Donate here:
Önska en låt – betala med kort (Request a song – pay by card)

So head on over, pick your favourite song from Trespassing and make your request in honour of Adams generosity or motivate your (admittedly awesome) choice however you want.  =)

Thank you all for supporting this!! This is one of the biggest media events of the year in Sweden and it is an annual tradition since 2008 (first started in The Netherlands in 2004).

You can also watch it live here:
Musikhjälpen – Live

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