Trespassing review from Sweden’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet 20120511

pic: @_ninni

Trespassing review from Sweden’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet (translation):

He has both soul and personality

+++ (3 out of 5)

It could’ve been so easy to dismiss Adam Lambert as yet another prior ”American Idol” participant who’s desperately trying to stay relevant with the help of earwormy hits and ambitious styling. But the fact is that you can’t ignore that this guy actually has something special. We can call it talent. The songs, which could have passed by as tiresome bubblegum pop, instead have both soul and personality thanks to Lambert’s rocky but still tender voice. In addition he has the ability to build up emotion in his melodies, without getting stuck in too many long boring sections. I don’t want to go as far as to calling him a male Kelly Clarkson, but he’s without a doubt awesome at managing his talent – even when the ”Idol”-sign stops shining.

Writer/reviewer: Tara Moshizi

Translation: @_ninni
(Beta: @mariehjo)


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