Adam Lambert in Swedish Magazine VeckoRevyn no. 26/04 2012

scan by @_ninni

Adam Lambert:
”I’m a bit more grown up now”

Few have missed Adam Lambert’s monster hit Whataya Want From Me and now the former American Idol contestant is about to release a new album.

– This album feels so much me, he says smiling. I’m so proud of it.

Adam, who came in second in American Idol in 2009, has finally been able to take his time and make an album just the way he wants it.

– After American Idol I immediately went on tour and then had a month to complete my first album. One month! That’s crazy. Everything went so fast so I did the best I could. This time around I’ve had a whole year to make an album and I can really stand behind all of the songs.

You couldn’t do that with your first album?

– No, but now I’ve had time to write songs from my point of view and about things that have happened in my life. Personal stuff, that I hope my listeners can relate to. Like my single for example. It’s very honest and it’s about how all people have two sides to their personality, even in a relationship. And that it is very important to have a relationship with yourself and understand yourself, before you commit to a relationship with someone else. That’s the most difficult relationship of all.

Do you understand yourself?

– Yes, I’ve grown up a bit more now and I think that can be seen on the new album. Both the album and I are very different from the first time around. All my songs do relate to some state of mind.

What’s the best thing about being you?

– Being able to inspire other people. There’s so much strength in helping someone to feel better about themselves. I wish that there was more freedom for people to be themselves without being judged. Here in Scandinavia it’s more liberal but unfortunately it’s not like that everywhere and it’s my highest wish that it would be so.

Just before I’m about to leave the interview Adam says:

– I want to thank my Swedish fans for their support and for always having such sparkly eyes and big smiles.

(awwww thank you Adam!)

original article by Alexandra Glahns
translation by @mariehjo

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