Interview with Adam Lambert in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet Klick! (March 16-17 2012 issue)

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(Klick! comes as a weekend insertion with Sweden’s biggest tabloid, Aftonbladet)

”People will always have an issue with me being gay”

Singer Adam Lambert has his own style. “When I was a kid I always played dress-up”, he says.

Adam Lambert, 30, made his breakthrough as the runner-up in “American Idol” 2009. He is currently about to release the new album “Trespassing”. Klick! Met Adam to talk about the love for Swedes, style and what it was like coming out as gay.

– What do you like about Swedes?
– I think it’s about creativity. And then you’ve got Ikea… Haha! No, but when it comes to art and design the Swedes are sharp.

– Many people says that Swedes are good looking…
– Indeed! Scandinavians, in general, are very good looking. It’s something in the water here.

– What was it like to come out as gay to the world?
– I came out when I was 18 so to me it wasn’t a big deal. But it’s a big difference between my reality and the reality for the rest of the world. But people will always have issues, and some people have an issue with this. But that’s life!

– You have a Finnish boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen. How did you meet?
– At a nightclub when I played there. It was over a year ago.

– You have a unique style. Have you always been interested in clothes and fashion?
– Yes, when I was a kid I always played dress-up. And that’s never really changed.

(text in the yellow circle:
Klicks’ Johanna Karlsson met Lambert during his Stockholm visit.)

translation by @Amelie_TJICgirl

@_ninni also made a translation, you’ll find it here:

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