Adam Lambert in Swedish teen Magazine FRIDA no.5 2012

Translation of the article in Swedish teen magazine FRIDA no5 2012

Front page:
Adam Lambert: Danny is in love with me! (FYI, Danny is a Swedish singer, dancer and former Swedish Idol contestant)

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The angel and the devil meet Adam Lambert!

Insecurity, bar fights and callous thoughts. The angel and the devil have quizzed Adam Lambert who tries to restrain his dark sides.

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The angel and the devil meet with Adam Lambert in a hotel room where journalists have come and gone all day and a representative for his label warns us that the singer isn’t feeling all that well today. Seems like a bit of prima donna behaviour… But Adam Lambert is nothing of the sort and welcomes us with a smile.

– Angel and devil, that’s like in my new video where I represent the dark and the light.
Exactly, we’re as made for you. Can you tell us a bit about your new album?
– It’s called Trespassing and I’m very honest in my lyrics. But even though the album is very personal, I’m hoping it’s representing how all people feel about themselves. People can experience me as very different but I have fears, just as anyone else.
What are you afraid of?
– Even though I perhaps seem comfortable, proud and sexy there are a lot of days when I don’t feel confident about myself at all. The days when I feel insecure I’m very tough on myself, anxious and self-destructive. Today I’m feeling much better than I did ten years ago but I’ve always been a bit odd.

What do you do to boost your self-esteem?
– You have to find things that make you happy. I really love my career but I’ve realized that it isn’t success that makes me happy. The most important thing is that I have fun doing it – otherwise I won’t be happy.
Then what is it that makes you happy?
– Love, music, shopping and food.

How mean are you?
– I’m not mean, I just have a dark side, that’s different.
Describe your dark side.
– Sometimes I can be a bit callous. Things that would bring others to tears I can just shrug at.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
I don’t know. I think I probably mostly do stupid things to myself. Sometimes I think ”You look like crap today, you suck, you’re an awful person”. Before my present relationship, I could be very self-destructive when it came to love, by for example chasing after guys whose feelings for me weren’t as strong as mine for them.
What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone?
– I love and I’m loved back by my boyfriend and my family. And I share my music which I hope can be inspiring to others.
Your boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, is a Finnish Big Brother winner. How did you two meet?
– At a night club in Finland when I was there on tour.
Is he still living there?
– No, he’s living with me now.
How are you as a boyfriend?
–  I can be very romantic and family oriented but I can also be very cynical. At the beginning of our relationship I was very nervous, wondering a lot about whether it would last, but now it feels very good.
How vain are you?
– Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and analyze and criticize every single part of myself.
How long time do you spend in front of the mirror in the morning?
– That depends on how fucked up I look when I start looking, haha.
How much of your success is because of your talent and how much because of your cool style?
– I think my success is mostly because of my voice and my music. But I think that my image is fun, fashion is a lifestyle for me and I don’t know any other artist that is like me. Over all, I think it’s easier to be successful if you are a bit different.
Has it been tough to be so different?
– Sometimes. Sometimes it feels great, it makes me who I am.
Was it difficult to tell your friends and parents that you’re gay?
– It was a bit tough when I was 18 and first came out but my parents weren’t surprised at all, they were more like; Thanks! Finally you tell us”.
What makes you lose your patience?
– Injustices, double standards and dishonest people.
We heard about your crazy… that you and your boyfriend started to fight so much that you ended up in jail…
– It wasn’t THAT crazy. Who hasn’t been too drunk and acted like an idiot? Who hasn’t gotten into arguments with their partner? Everyone made it into such a big deal but for us it wasn’t. We had a hamburger and laughed about it the day after.
Didn’t you get any bad reactions after that?
– Yes, some people thought this was a huge thing. Even though I never considered myself to be a role model I realized that I am a role model to some people. So, for me the most important thing was to tell my fans that I didn’t think my actions were OK. It was important for me to take responsibility for my irresponsible actions. I will never make the same mistake again.
But everyone can make mistakes…
– Yes, but as a celebrity you are not allowed to. It can be very difficult to be a public person sometimes because everything you do is analyzed.
What do you think about Sweden?
– I like Sweden and have met a lot of cool people, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to spend any free time here. I’ve heard that you have very good shopping here so I’d really want to have time to do that and also visit a museum.
Do you believe in God?
– I believe in a higher power.
Do you believe in the devil?
– No, I don’t.
Meh, nice..:P (ironic comment from the interviewer who was the devil in the interview)
– I believe in goodness and I believe that evil actions comes out of our own demons. We create our own evil.

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Swedish celebrity knowledge with Adam Lambert, does he recognize our Swedish celebrities? (the yellow box at the very end of the article)

Pic of Danny Saucedo, Artist:
– Danny! I met him the last time I was here.
Is it true that you had a little crush on him the last time you were here?
– No, but I’m sure that he’s in love with me! He’s very nice. We had dinner together with a large group of people. He’s a very fun and cool guy.

Pic of the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria:
– Politician or royalty?  Oh, Crown Princess, she has a very nice smile.

Pic of Robyn, artist:
– That is Robyn! I love her. She has a song called Eclipse, it makes me cry because it’s so beautiful.

Pic of Alexander Skarsgård, actor:
– Ah True Blood Skaarsgard isn’t it? I knew that he’s Swedish.

Pic of Kenza Zoulten, blogger:
-Is she a singer? Have I met her? Oooops. OK, blogger. She’s good looking.
(four out of five, good)

Adam posing with an issue of FRIDA
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Original text by: Beatrice Birkeldh and Sanna Eriksson
Pics of the article can be found here:
Pics by @HellOnHighHeels
Translation by @mariehjo

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