Adam Lambert in QX March 2012 no. 198

Translation of the article in the Swedish QX magazine, the March 2012 issue. Original article can be found here:

”I don’t go out that much. And no one flirts with me. But on the other hand, I haven’t been that receptive either. Are you flirting with me?”


Adam Lambert was scheduled to perform at the Gay Gala at Cirkus on February 6th. But a bad bout of flu stopped him from performing and he stayed at the hotel for the rest of his visit in Stockholm. It is a quite exhausted Adam that I meet the day after the gala.

– I am so sorry that I couldn’t come but I could barely stand.

I heard that this is the first time that you’ve cancelled a show, is this true?

– Yes, it is actually true! I really believe in “The Show Must Go On”. But if you are as feverish as I was yesterday, it just can’t do it. I really wanted to meet my gay fans and give an award to, what was her name – the one that won…. Loreen. It would have been really freaking cool.

The new album “Trespassing” is set to hit stores later this spring and then we meet a more dance-oriented Adam. The production is more electronic than before and flirt with the 90s a bit. Dubstep meets Prince-funk which meets europop.

– Pop is supposed to be fun and I wanted to really bring it, and show who I am musically. But I also wanted the record to be about life and how I see life. It might sound dopey but I think you can get to know me through the music. After all, I am like everybody else, even though you hear more of me, see more of me and I dress differently.

What do you consider the biggest thing that has happened since you became known?

– Getting a Grammy nomination is the absolute biggest thing, I think. It is a recognition and something that I have dreamed about ever since I was little. Getting to perform with Queen during the music awards was also huge, and now it is known that we’ll perform again. It’s crazy!

Last time we spoke, you said you’re often asked gay-related questions and get to talk about what it is like to be one of the extremely few openly gay male artists. Do people still see you as a “gay artist”, more than just an artist?

– Yes, I am always going to be seen as a “gay artist”. But I am proud of it. It is something I proudly stand for.

You are in a relationship with a Finnish guy, Sauli, and you live together i Los Angeles. Has that made that you visit the Nordic countries more?

– No, we’re mostly in LA so it hasn’t resulted in that many visits here. And if I am here then I’m working so much and don’t get to see anything. Unfortunately…

During the last visit in Stockholm you were single and then you also told us that you have difficulties finding someone because you easily get too intense in a relationship. Are you still that way?

– Haha, yes God yes. But now I’ve found someone who matches that. Sauli is also pretty intense so it is very passionate and exciting. The dynamic of our relationship is very good. But it wasn’t easy finding someone, it has taken me a while.

Do people flirt with you when you go out?

– I don’t go out that much. And no one flirts with me. But on the other hand, I haven’t been that receptive either. Are you flirting with me?

Haha, no, I’m just wondering since you’re probably seen as a catch by many. Do the paparazzi bother you and Sauli?

– Both yes and no, but you know what… I see them as cockroaches in the kitchen: you just have to set out traps and not let it ruin your day.

Do you feel appreciated by the gay public?

– I don’t know if the gay community likes me, even though I want to think so. I’ve always been a proud member of our “community” and I like the gay culture. I was out a lot in gay clubs and went to Pride events before Idol. In some way this album is a tribute to the gay community. To stand for who you are and to do your own thing.

Which is the most common question that you get asked?

– Why I wear mascara and eyeliner. And I don’t get that question. Why do you wear jeans? It’s just because I like it, there’s no underlying meaning with wearing eye make-up. Not everything has an answer, that’s just how it is.

A while ago there was a lot written about you and Sauli in Finnish and Swedish media because you’d gotten in a fight with each other outside of DTM, a gay club in Helsinki…

– I know… but what happened then and there was not what was reported in the media. When you are a celebrity, everything you do gets blow out of proportion and people lose the perspective of it. But sure, we had a quarrel and that combined with a serious bout of jet lag and loads of alcohol resulted in things that shouldn’t have happened. But honestly? Who hasn’t gotten drunk and made a fool out of themselves? I am human like everyone else. But both me and Sauli have learned something from that and will make sure it never happens again. It was a good reminder that maybe you should take it a bit easy, in several areas in life…

You recently turned 30, has that changed anything for you?

– I don’t think the number, 30, means that much. However, I have realised that I now have a really great balance in life, between my private life and professional life. Previously I always wanted to have more and was never satisfied, today I am happy and satisfied with what I’ve got.

You look like you’re in pretty good shape physically as well.

– Haha, you think? I don’t think I am in good shape at all. But sure, I try to eat healthy and run a bit. I have lost the worst of the weight that I gained after meeting Sauli, then it was a bit too much of the “fat and happy times”. Shit, how did I look for a while (laughs).

What is the strangest request you have gotten from a fan?

– I have been asked to sign all different kinds of body parts, and few times it has been parts that have never seen the sun. But even I have boundaries… and I can say that the signature got placed above the equator at least (laughs).

Original text: Ronny Larsson

Translation by @HellOnHighHeels

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6 kommentarer till Adam Lambert in QX March 2012 no. 198

  1. lovingadam1031 skriver:

    I love this interview so many things made me augh out loud. The funniest answer to a question was when Adam was asked about the paparazzi and he answered ”I see them as cockroaches in the kitchen you gotta just set out traps and not let it ruin your day.” He’s hysterical.

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  4. Nice interview, thank you! Adam is amazing – looking forward to his new album!

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