Queen + Adam Lambert review in Skånskan (February 16, 2015)

Review in the Swedish newspaper Skånskan, February 16.

Queen + Adam Lambert
Jyske Bankboxen, Herning February 15.
4 stars out of 5

”Grandiose, luxurious, and variously professional”

REVIEW. Let’s get it out-of-the-way from the get go to not upset all the doubting hardcore fans; no, you cannot replace Freddie Mercury as the singer of Queen, of course not.

It was not possible previously when Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers did his five-year long stint during the past decade, and it’s not possible now either with the American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert as their front man. A big plus sign between Queen and his name on the posters and t-shirts emphasises that point. So if it ever happens that someone else becomes a proper replacement as the front man of Queen, it’ll be when hell freezes over, to spoof The Eagles’ Don Henley’s rigid opinion on a possible reunion of that particular band when it was spoken of.

However, that does not mean that the remaining members can’t honour their previous front man and at the same time make a whole lot of people happy. Especially if it’s done with such colourful dignity, inspiration and style as it was done on Sunday. Because one can only conclude that this is a combination that works. You could have done without some of the shorter solo numbers but apart from that, this was an as luxuriously grandiose as variously professional event which showcased the band’s work in all its multifaceted adornment. It might sound predictable to describe it all as an unstoppable procession of triumph, but it’s difficult to avoid such statements. With a hit-filled song catalogue like the one Queen possesses, a lot would be needed to not make it a success when the already existing structure is so good.

But it’s worth stressing that the exuberantly energetic Lambert is the vitamin-kick the original duo Brian May and Roger Taylor need in order to be motivated to keep their legacy alive, considering that they’ve now reached their retirement ages, and the 33-year-old did indeed take the command from the first note in the opening numbers One Vision and Stone Cold Crazy, two of the band’s most obvious hard rock songs. The gravitas and showmanship was as convincing as the pitch perfect voice. But there would be even more memorable moments. The always sorrowful Who Wants to Live Forever was filled to the brim with grand emotions and class that almost equalled the original.

In similar fashion, I imagine that Mercury was smiling in heaven when the leather clad Lambert performed a sparkly, theatrical, tongue-in-cheek version of Killer Queen whilst posing on a divan at the edge of the stage. And speaking of Freddie, it might just have been May’s interpretation of Love of My Life that was the night’s most touching moment. A montage of the singer flashed by on the video screen as the guitarist sang, and it was also then that you understood and realised just how much he still misses his friend. Therefore, it was a given that Bohemian Rhapsody was performed with both Lambert and Mercury on vocals. In that way, the deceased rock legend was almost present for real. Which I think he would have appreciated. Because this show was exactly as pompously rich, glamorous, and tastefully over the top as you have the right to expect in a Queen context.

Review by  Peter Eliasson
Translation by @hellonhighheels

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Behind the scenes at LCHFklubben.se: Adam Lambert

One of our new regular customers who we are proud to introduce is the fantastic pop- and rockstar Adam Lambert.

You most probably remember him from when he placed second on American Idol 2009, with great success!


Here he is together with Isa at Sturegallerian where he popped by during the midmorning. We are so ecstatic that he has found his way to OUR store.

Translation by HellOnHighHeels

source: http://lchfklubben.se/lchfbloggen/2014/02/28/adam-lambert/

IG: http://instagram.com/p/k9ay2UCSay/

The LCHF klubben (Low Carb High Fat club) store at Sturegallerian: http://www.sturegallerian.se/butik/lchf-klubben/

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Expressen on Avicii’s True and Lay Me Down

Läs hela Expressens recension av True här

Read the entire review of True from Expressen in Swedish here

Grade: 4/5

Lay Me Down

Retro disco as seen through a modern filter of house. Including a slamming chorus. Exuberant, happy pop music that reminds you of 80’s Madonna as well as French house music from the 90’s. Trés chic.

Other tracks that also got 5/5: You Make Me, Hey Brother.

Anders Nunstedt

Läs hela Expressens artikel om gästartisterna på True här

Read the entire article about the guest artists on True from Expressen in Swedish here

Adam Lambert
The 31-year-old had his breakthrough in American Idol in 2009. His two albums featured help from songwriters such as Max Martin, Lady Gaga, Pink, Bruno Mars and Pharrell. A gay icon who’s behind the microphone on ”Lay Me Down”.

Anders Nunstedt

Translation by HellOnHighHeels

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Album reviews, DI Weekend – Avicii’s True

True review by Jan Gradvall for DI Weekend

Läs Jan Gradvalls recension på svenska här

Read Jan Gradvall’s review in Swedish here

true cover

Grade: 5

”Tim does things that I, honestly, never thought of. I played a riff on the guitar, he lowers it an octave and makes it sound so funky.” The one saying this is Nile Rodgers, the genius behind Chic, a strong candidate to the Polar Music Prize. The musician he speaks about is Tim ”Avicii” Bergling.

Fall 2013 will go into history as the last time people could stand with their arms crossed mumbling things like DJs ”just push buttons” or that they don’t do ”real music”. Avicii’s debut album is such a blinding exhibition in musicality that it will kill all such prejudice.

Avicii, who will turn 24 on Sunday, (review originally published on September 6, transl. remark) has made the ”Thriller” of his generation. An album where every track is made to conquer the world. An album where every chorus points at the top of the Empire State Building and says this is where I shall stay.

Avicii has made his research in the field, tuned his craft into perfection. How many other musicians in history has played for 25 million people all over the world before they make their debut album? Avicii knows exactly what tempo changes will get hands raised to the sky.

At the same time it’s also an album that takes great musical risks. Avicii is a child of his time in the way that he makes no regards to genre. On spotify all genres -pop, disco, metal, country, soundtracks- are only one click apart. So also in Avicii’s music.

”Shame on me” starts off as a pastiche on Sweet’s glitter pop classic ”Ballroom blitz” then to mutate into the baby sister of Dolly Parton’s ”Nine to five”. ”Liar liar” is spiced with a Farfisa organ that brings the sounds of 1960th’s garage rock.

”Addicted to you” leads the mind to George Harrison’s ”While my guitar gently weeps” but is written with 71 year old ”In the ghetto” composer Mac Davis with vocals performed by a distant relative to Judy Garland from Oklahoma sounding exactly as Adele. No, I’m not making this up.

”Hey Brother” begins with one of the musicians from Alison Krauss’ Union Station standing in a field in Nashville singing country. Then the melody forces us up onto a flatbed truck filled with drunken graduates driving four laps around Sergels Torg. (wellknown square in the center of Stockholm, transl. remark) End scene: Everyone bathes in the fountain.

It is insane. It is genius.

In the midst of all this confetti exploding euphoria Avicii then all of a sudden has Linnea Henriksson as a guest vocalist sing a heartbreaking and deadly serious cover ballad from Antony & The Johnson’s second Album ”I am a bird now” from 2005. No one could have predicted that.

With this album, that may become the most played album in the world during 2013, Avicii helps several Swedish colleagues to get references that will help open doors for them internationally. A couple of the tracks are made together with two of Swedish music’s greatest talents, Salem Al Fakir  and Vincent Pontare, who started to collaborate on Petter’s last album and continued cooperating on Veronica Maggio’s coming album.

Just as Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones did with ”Thriller” Avicii also erases the lines between hard an soft, masculine and feminine, black and white. The track written together with Nile Rodgers, ”Lay me down”, is sung by gay icon Adam Lambert and culminates in life-affirming italo disco that reminds of Blackbox’ ”Ride on time”.

The music on ”True” is wide open, free of prejudice. If the world were a little more like Avicii it would be much easier to like the world right now.

Jan Gradvall

footnote: Avicii’s Album is released on September 12.

translation by mariehjo & HellOnHighHeels

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Då vi har varit borta på roligheter i Finland har uppdateringen fått lida lite. Och som lite plåster på såren tänkte vi ha en liten tävling med ett första pris och ett andra pris. Det ni har chansen att vinna är en signerad bild i CD-format och ett x av QX som innehåller en intervju med Adam (från mars 2012).

Det enda ni behöver göra är att svara rätt på dessa 7 frågor (19 poäng=full pott):

  1. Vilket år och vilken säsong deltog Adam i American Idol? 2p
  2.  Vilken/vilka singel/singlar har sålt guld i Sverige? För full poäng vill vi också veta titeln på singlarna. 4p

  3. Vilka 2 stora grupper har han uppträtt med? 1p
  4. När Adam var i Sverige och spelade på Mix Unplugged i februari 2012, vilken svensk artist har han nämnt i en intervju med en stor svensk tidning att han lyssnade på innan själva spelningen? 5p
  5. Nämn 2 förebilder som Adam har. 2p
  6. Vilken/vilka låt/ar sjöng Adam på sin IDOL audition? För full pott vill vi ha båda svaren. 3p
  7. Vad heter hans favoritnagellack? 2p

Ni har fram till måndag den 1 april på er att skicka in era svar.

Och det gör ni till: adamssparklyswedes@hotmail.com märk mejlet med ”Tävling ALS”.

Med det önskar vi er lycka till!

DSC02063(bild från Helsinki. Fotograf: Andrea)

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Adam Lambert, Mix Unplugged, Stockholm Sweden, February 5th, 2012

A year ago today Adam took the stage at Mix Megapol’s purple office in Stockholm (well, I think it was more red actually but in all the pics and vids it looks very purple:P). He and the band did an awesome showcase for a small crowd of very happy ticket winners, all sitting on the floor.

Adam and the band had just arrived from London and we didn’t know it then but they were quite sick. If you look closely at the video you’ll see strategically placed white buckets on the stage… But, buckets never came to use and we who were there didn’t notice them until later, watching the videos. It was, as always with Adam, just a brilliantly amazing performance! OOL was magic! Everything was magic! =)

See it here:

The station also did an interview with Adam, Up close with Adam Lambert:

And after the show all the fans got a surprise M&G and Adam graciously signed the avi for our fansite, thanks Adam!


Now we just keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be too long until we see Adam in Sweden  again…

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Musikhjälpen – Swedish Radio’s Music Aid


Right now, Swedish Radio are together with Swedish Television doing a project called Musikhjälpen (in English: Music Aid), where they are collecting money to help children living in the slums get clean water.

musikhjälpen barn

Three of Swedish Radio’s P3’s most famous hosts/DJs are locked in a specially built studio for an entire week and are broadcasting around the clock. People donate money and make a music request at the same time (not all the requests get played though, it would take far more than a week to play all the requested music) and last year they collected more than $2600000 in support of girls’ education.


Now here’s the idea: Adam would totally support this kind of project, right? It’s right up his alley and in line with his Charity: Water campaign, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get Adam’s new music played on Swedish radio! =)

There are no guarantees Adam’s music will be played – even if we do donate money, BUT the chances increase if there are a lot of requests and a high demand for the same artist. Plus – even if we don’t succeed the money is still well spent.

For this to work from outside Sweden you’ll have to pay with VISA or MasterCard.
You can donate 50SEK (about $7,50), 100SEK ($15) or 200SEK ($30).
Simply click on the amount of your choice and then you can get the payment information in English.

musikhjälpen belopp

Donate here:
Önska en låt – betala med kort (Request a song – pay by card)

So head on over, pick your favourite song from Trespassing and make your request in honour of Adams generosity or motivate your (admittedly awesome) choice however you want.  =)

Thank you all for supporting this!! This is one of the biggest media events of the year in Sweden and it is an annual tradition since 2008 (first started in The Netherlands in 2004).

You can also watch it live here:
Musikhjälpen – Live

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